Holding Companies — 15 May 2013

Exempted companies are the primary vehicles by which “non-Bermudians” incorporate in Bermuda. So called because they are exempted from legal requirements in respect of Bermudian ownership of the company, exempted companies are generally prohibited from carrying on business in Bermuda. Rather, they carry on business outside Bermuda from a base on the Island — or, in some limited circumstances, in Bermuda with other exempted undertakings.

As for the benefits of forming such a company here, Bermuda does not levy taxes on profits, income, dividends or capital gains. Indeed, there is no requirement that a company pay dividends at all. Upon formation, exempted companies typically receive an assurance from the Government regarding their non-taxable status. Currently, that assurance is given until March 31, 2035 — and remains valid even if taxes on profits, income, or computed on any capital asset, gain or appreciation are enacted in the meantime.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

May 15, 2013


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